We offer our knowledge and experience in advanced technical application and software technology development. If you need technical research, advice, analysis, or training please contact us.




We are familiar with a wide range of technologies. Our core competences include:

  • Software design and software architecture
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Languages: C#, C, C++, Python, F#
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework, Apple iOS, Google Android
  • User interface technologies: WPF, Windows Forms
  • Medical data communication: DICOM (including radiotherapy)
  • Visualization APIs: Microsoft Direct3D, OpenGL
  • Networking: Client/server applications based on WCF, message queueing
  • Project management: Agile processes, continuous integration, DVCS, Trac

Software development

Our highly skilled and motivated team of software developers is available for analysing the requirements and designing and implementing a solution fitting your requirements. If you need specialized visualization or data processing software please contact us.

Product customization

Do you need a customized version of our visualization library with special features or help integrating it in your application? Do you need a branded edition of one of our other products? Please contact us.