SCANCO VisualizerΒΆ

SCANCO Visualizer is an application for visual exploration of 3-D images. It supports fast and interactive viewing of very large images (in the order of dozens of gigabytes).

Its core features include:

  • Fast incremental loading of very large images
  • 2D slice viewing
  • Ortho and MPR viewing
  • GPU accelerated 3D volume rendering with various rendering modes and illumination models
  • Arbitrary color look-up tables (color and alpha channel transfer functions)
  • Snapshot feature: take a snapshot of any view and restore it later including all settings with the image
  • Special sub-image rendering feature; view arbitrary rendered sub-images on top of large high-res images
  • Image pixel analysis tools like line profile and area histogram

SCANCO Visualizer is developed for and in collaboration with the CT system manufacturer SCANCO Medical. For more information and how to obtain the product please contact us.