Lucid reoVIS

Our visualization library is ideal for interactive real-time applications. It implements basic and advanced rendering algorithms and runs on any modern Windows PC. Standard graphics cards are leveraged to accelerate the Direct3D based rendering.


  • Automatic or manual dynamic Window / Level adjustment for best brightness and contrast
  • Arbitrary color look-up tables and alpha channel transfer functions
  • Fast incremental loading of very large images
  • Extensible image file format support including DICOM
  • Flexible 2D slice views, MPR views and multiple simultaneous orthogonal views
  • 3D cutting along arbitrary planes or cropping to sub-volumes of interest
  • Integrates with Lucid reoRAD
  • Built on .NET and Direct3D with optional WPF integration

Basics Image

DICOM imported head CT volume rendered with two transfer functions

VOI Image

Patient hand measured with SCANCO XtremeCT with multiple VOI-images

Advanced VOI Handling

  • Create any number of virtual VOI-images
  • Navigate easily between VOI-images
  • Preview rendered VOI-images on main image
  • Show animated VOI-images

Mode Image

Wood sample measured with microCT 50 with distance transform rendering

3D Rendering Modes

  • Direct volume rendering
  • Iso surface rendering
  • Contour rendering
  • Segment rendering

Illumination models

  • Basic Lambertian reflection model
  • Blinn-Phong reflection model for shiny materials with specular highlights like plastic
  • Oren-Nayar reflection model for a wide range of diffuse natural materials
  • Minnaert reflection model for rough materials
  • Tone shading for non-photorealistic rendering of illustrations

Illumination slider

Lambert reflection model
Blinn-Phong reflection model
Oren-Nayar reflection model
Minnaert reflection model
Tone shading


Please contact us if you are interested in licensing Lucid reoVIS or require our services for custom software development integrating Lucid reoVIS.