Lucid reoRAD

Rapid Application Development framework and backbone of all our products

  • Flexible and powerful concepts with a modular design
  • Reusable components and tools
  • Suitable for large dynamic .NET applications

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Lucid reoVIS

Visualization library for interactive real-time applications

  • Various 2D and 3D rendering modes
  • GPU accelerated volume rendering
  • Supports very large images (tens of gigabytes)

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SCANCO Visualizer

Application for interactive exploring of microCT images

  • Visualize very large images instantly
  • Easily explore 3D data sets by creating arbitrary volumes of interest
  • Save snapshots to browse and restore your visualizations later

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SCANCO Presenter

Measurement and analysis results presentation application

Present your measurements in a structured and attractive way Include multimedia slides with snapshots, animations, documents and more Highly integrated with interactive image visualization

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