Patient hand measured with SCANCO XtremeCT

We are a Swiss software development and consulting company specialized in visualization and image processing.

Medical or industrial image acquisition and measurement techniques (e.g. CT, MR, PET, Ultrasound ……) result in vast amounts of data. Processing and visualizing this data efficiently is increasingly important as the newest generation machines improve rapidly. We design and develop software components and applications that process and visualize very large 2D and 3D images, by incorporating new scientific research techniques with custom engineered solutions.

Our consolidated knowledge of medical communication standards and initiatives like DICOM and IHE facilitate the integration of our products into existing healthcare environments.

Our philosophy

As the full name of our company (Lucid Concepts AG) implies, our philosophy is to build software based on strong concepts. Our conviction is that the development of clean and general concepts is more valuable than just coding for specific features. During our work in the medical imaging industry, we have experienced both the high pay-off of good concepts (high level of code reuse, high productivity, easy extensibility), and also the very expensive consequences caused by the lack thereof (low code reuse, bad scalability, difficult bug-fixing, bad performance, hard maintenance, instability).

To us a concept is a general solution to a set of related problems or features. These solutions can be both related to anything from primitive data structures to higher-level application components.